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SoundStarlution Work Vs Wuk The Part 3 (The Trinidad Carnival Send OFF!!!)

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SoundStarlution Work Vs Wuk The Part 3 (The Trinidad Carnival Send OFF!!!) by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “SoundStarlution: Work Vs Wuk The Part 3 (The Trinidad Carnival Send OFF)”

1) StarLution Edwin YearWood Drop
2) Give It To Me Zionomi
3) Work It Sherwayne Winchester
4) Dutty Gabrielle
5) I Am A Guyanese Adrian Dutchin
6) Handle Bumper Omari Ferrari
7) Whine For You Lover Ziggy Rankin
8) Wuckin Up Lil Rick
9) Have Meh Hook JahMel
10)Whineing All Alone Ronnie Homer
11)Hottie Whiner D Natural
12)De Wuk DJ Future
13)Wuk That Thing Orlando Octave
14)Roll It HypaSounds
15)Jiggle It Inches / Sherwayne
16)We Ready B Roca
17)You Make Me Farmer Nappy
18)Leech Kenyba
19)Thunder Wine Super Jigga
20)I Am Soca Patrice Roberts
21)Slow Wine Patrice Roberts
22)Comming Over Kes
23)Bam Bam Bunji
24)Pressure Waist tian Winter
25)Attitude Destra
26)Go Down Orlando Octave
27)Runaway Kerwin Du bois
28)Whineing Addiction Shurwayne
29)Jusso Blaxxx
30)hit mih Blaxxx
31)Older Than Me Rayzor / Yankee boy
32)Cartoon Ziggy
33)Surrender Farmer Nappy
34)Ah Good ( Killing Intro) Young Voice
35)Ah Good (Soca Monarch 2k12) Young voice
36)Pumping Young Voice
37)Bartender Makamillion / Yankee Boy
38)Saw Mil Orlando Octave
39)Action Super Jigga TC
40)Trouble Shal Marshall
41)Baddist Destra
42)Nothing Less K Rich
43)On The Avenue Machael Montano
44)Precision Whine Kes
45)Doh Fraid Machael Montano
46)Swing It Up Patrice Roberts
47)Eh Yo Lil Rick
48)Jones N Wuk-Up Lil Rick
49) Work Vs Work pt 3 (Mid-tro) Young Voice
50)In Your Eyes Erphan Alverez
51)Shiver Nadia Boston
52)Bachanalist Kerwin
53)Vibes Cyah Done Machael Montano
54)Mr Fete Machael Montano
55)Move Like Jaggar Maroon 5
56)Love In Strange Places Rhianna
57)Rude Gyal Kimba
58)Whine for Meh Vigilante
59)In Charge Machael Montano
60)Danza Kuduro Don Omar
61)Murder Ya BamBam Kutit
62)Time For Work Machael Montano
63)Causing it Problem Child
64)Whip it Machael

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