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Ruan Legend (of Dei Musicale) – 2014 Soca OVERLOAD

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Ruan Legend (of Dei Musicale) – 2014 Soca OVERLOAD by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “Ruan Legend (of Dei Musicale) – 2014 Soca OVERLOAD”

1. Forget About It Kerwin Du Bois
2. Doh Beg Kerwin Du Bois
3. Wining Good Olatunji
4. Come Over (Master) Shal Marshall, Nurtron & Reina
5. Find Me In Trinidad Bunji Gariln
6. King’s Arrival (Here For The Crown) Bunji Gariln
7. Red Light District Bunji Gariln
8. All O’Dem Bunji Gariln
9. So Nice Lil Rick
10. Gimmie That Fay-Ann Lyons
11. Wining Champion Akeem Preedy Chance
12. Family Farmer Nappy
13. S.O.C.A. (Soul Of Calypso) Isaac Blackman
14. Doh Rough Meh Patrice Roberts
15. Drop It Down Machel Montano
16. Play More Local (Download) Mr. Famous
17. Carnival Tabanca (Edit) Bunji Gariln
18. Need Ah Riddim Biggie Irie
19. Sunrise Hypasounds
20. Blazin Chucky Gordon
21. Boat Bobo & Fadda Fox
22. Bend Ova Gal Holla Bak
23. Drink Til Morning Lead Pipe
24. Stop Halfway Peter Ram
25. Headboard (Road Mix) Salt
26. Behave Pun It (Road Mix) Lil Rick
27. Dibby In A Fete Verseewild
28. Condense Porgie & Murda
29. Tadow Olatunji
30. Three Swappi
31. Truck On D Road Bunji Gariln
32. HMA [Happiest Man Alive] Machel Montano
33. BTW (Behaving The Worst) Skinny Fabulous
34. Spoil Mehself Kerwin Du Bois
35. State Of Mind Destra Garcia
36. True Masquerader Kes
37 She Coming Machel Montano
38. Man In Yuh House Cassi
39. Feel 2 Wuk Shal Marshall
40. My Team Jaigá
41. Feel It Kes
42. Siddung Kes
43. Too Real Kerwin Du Bois
44. Just 1 Wine Nutron
45. Never Done (ft. Nadia Batson) 5Star Akil
46. Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Shortened Remix ft. Machel Montano) Timaya
47. Shake Dat Jo Jo
48. Just A Little Bit Destra Garcia
49. Conquer Meh Lyrikal
50. Country Gyal Kes
51. Glowing Zan
52. Bubble & Bruk Peter Ram
53. Juck Duck Gal Lil Rick
54. Hold On Tight (Mada House Remix) Patrice Roberts
55. Catch Me Fay-Ann Lyons
56. No Behaviour Patch
57. Big People Party (Radio Version) Farmer Nappy
58. Bad Habits Kes
59. Shameless Machel Montano
60. Its A Carnival Bunji Garlin
61. ‪#‎Keisha‬ Jaigá
62. Addicted (ft. GBM Nutron x Shal Marshall) GMB
63. Monster Winer (The Andrew Denny Remix) Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
64. Press A Button Kerwin Du Bois
65. Wild Out Lil Rick
66. Kotch De Bumper Lil Rick
67. Bruck It Machel Montano
68. Defense Skinny Fabulous
69. Bumper Bounce Erphaan Alves
70. Bumper Bounce (Threeks Roadmix) Erphaan Alves X Threeks
71. To Meh Heart 5Star Akil
72. Extra Bad Pon De Road Blaxx & Skinny Fabolous
73. Contagious (We Drinkin ft. Blaxx) Erphaan Alves
74. E.P.I.C. Machel Montano
75. Haunted Machel Montano
76. Feel 2 Wuk (Road Mix Master) Shal Marshall
77. Trinidad Tobago Madmen & Ultimate Rejects
78. Bacchanal Bumper Blaxx
79. We Control D Road Destra Garcia
80. Action,No Rest Mx Prime
81. Gyal Song Swappi & Kes
82. Fettin Away Blaxx
83. Lockdown Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrikal
84. Welcome To Carnival MX Prime & Kerwin Du Bois
85. Galavanting Kerwin Du Bois
86. Come Out To Play (Vintage Riddim) Benjai
87. Spankin Super Blue
88. Hooray Blaxx
89. Somebody JW & Blaze
90. Spirit Kes
91. Culo (Radio Version ft. Busy Signal) Mr. Renzo
92. Sound Bang Machel Montano
93. Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.) Machel Montano
94. Touch D Road Shal Marshall
95. Mash Up [Emergency Riddim] Destra Garcia
96. Rolly Polly (Road Mix) Mr. Killa
97. Done D Party Fay-Ann Lyons
98. Dutty D Road Destra Garcia
99. Run To D Front Swappi

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