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Nick Ahren – Nick Ahren Presents – Road Ready – The Crop Over 2014 Edition

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Nick Ahren – Nick Ahren Presents – Road Ready – The Crop Over 2014 Edition by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “Nick Ahren – Nick Ahren Presents – Road Ready – The Crop Over 2014 Edition”

Lil Rick – Drop
King Bubba FM & Kerwin Du Bois Ft. Jah Cure & Lil Rick – Partyak (Party People Anthem)
Lil Rick – Stage Show
Big Red The DJ – Bad
Shanta Prince & Tian Winter – Hard Wine
Sekon Sta – In De Centre
Lil Rick – One in a Million
Shanta – Paint Me ​ ​Down (Wet Meh)
Lil Rick – Last Man to Leave (Place Gone Mad)
Skinny Fabulous – Anywhere Dat We Step
Preedy – Push Back
Patrice Roberts – Push Up On It
Lil Rick – Great Day
King Bubba FM – Come Out To Win (Who Drinking Rum?)
Lil Rick feat. Dwaingerous – Strong Rum
Imani – Bacchanal Road
Shanta Prince – Stush
Shanta Prince – Stush (Precision Road Mix)
Lil Rick – So Amazing
Lead Pipe & Saddist – Ah Feeling
Holla Bak – My Life
King Bubba FM – I’ll Never Give Up (Born To Win)
Alison Hinds – Soca Animal
Big Red The DJ – Nothing To Say
Mikey – Next To De Rope
Sanctuary – Mega Monday
Boatman – Push Ya Hands Dem (I Come For Some)
Biggie Irie – Pankatan ​g​
Basil – Show Them Your Beauty
Statement – Crop Over
Verseewild – Ah Too Love to Party
Hypasounds – Dutti
Hypasounds – So Good
King Bubba FM & Lil Rick – Bad From Mi Born
Jah Mel feat. S​a​ddis and Lead Pipe
Snypa – This Feeling
Fadda Fox – Ducking
3-6-T – Plenty Action
Ricardo Drue – Speeding
Yannick Hooper & Holla Bak – Wine Sampling
Inches – Vibes (So Nice)
Saddist – Take Away Mi Stress
Leadpipe – Carnival Addiction
Marzville – Bend Over
B-Roca – Bing De Ting
Adam O – Bumpa
Richie Rich – Drinks N’ Girls
Holla Bak feat. Tycoon – Lovin’ 2Nite
Bo Bo – Finger
Richie Rich – Again and Again
Gorg – Meh Rum
Sekon Sta – Touchdown
Erphaan Alves – Proper
Verseewild – Shocks
Lil Rick – Can’t Kill My Vibe
King Bubba FM – Gimme Wha Ya Got (Wuck Me)#alladaisbumpa?
Unda Dawg – Wuck and Guh Round
Scrilla – Dis Juck Fuh You
Sekon Sta Ft. King Bubba FM – Bashment Time
Kaskatee – Juck It Down Again
Big Red The DJ – Twerkie Twerkie
Lil Rick – I Like Um
Porgie & Murda – Rabbit
Coopa Dan – True Colours
Verseewild & Marzville – Dolla Drop
Crab Soldier – Too Much Trouble
Celebrity Face – #Hashtag
Crimeson – Down Pon It
Farmer Ubu – Bashment Farm
Porgue & Murda – Benup
Stiffy – Ride It
Stiffy – Girl Stick It
Scrilla – Little Whine
Marzeville – Working Wid It
Dutty Android – Fruit Vendor
Crimeson – Get Ready
Coopa Dan – Bend Over
C Diddy – Bam Bam Wukin
Edwin Yearwood – Pole
Konshens & Fadda Fox – Dey Dey
RDX & Lil Rick – Wine Come Up
Unda Dawg – Ya Sweet Rite Off
Big Red The DJ – Pax! (Skin Out)
Level Vibes – Lewwe Ball Up (Tamarind)
Gorg – Mek It Go Round (Drop It)
King Bubba FM – Bad Boy (Gimme Lil Piece)
Lil Rick – I Feel Wotless
Patrice Roberts – Pon De Nine
Porgie & Murda – Giddyup
Lil Rick – Flawless
RDX – Shella

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