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DJ Versatile Soca 2013 preview mix

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DJ Versatile Soca 2013 preview mix by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DJ Versatile Soca 2013 preview mix”

Track 1: (Wonda woman riddim) Megan Walrond-Fete forever
Track 2: (Wonda woman riddim) Nadia Batson-Handle it
Track 3: (Wonda woman riddim) Teri Lyons-We cyah stop
Track 4: (Wonda woman riddim) Patrice Roberts-Spread ah little more
Track 5: (Vip riddim) Terror kid & Nekoyan-Bumpa roll
Track 6: (Vip riddim) Ricardo Drue-Inside the jam
Track 7: (Vip riddim) Edwin Yearwood-Pardon me
Track 8: (Vip riddim) Patrice Roberts-Bubble
Track 9: (Stag riddim) Swappi-Fancy thong
Track 10: (Stag riddim) Kes-Bring it to me
Track 11: (Stag riddim) Halo the young Pharoah-Jiggle de buunkie
Track 12: (Stag riddim) Fya Empress-Rollin hard
Track 13: (Stag riddim) Deuce man-Squeeze de ting
Track 14: (Stag riddim) Bunji Garlin-Touchless
Track 15: (Project 5 riddim) Michele X-If you want to
Track 16: (Project 5 riddim) Patrice Roberts-Permission granted
Track 17: (Project 5 riddim) Denise Belfon-Winning queen
Track 18: (Project 5 riddim) Machel Montano-Life of the party
Track 19: (Project 5 riddim) Benjai-Feter
Track 20: (Phantom riddim) Nadia Batson-Manager
Track 21: (Phantom riddim) Bunji Garlin-Changes
Track 22: (Phantom riddim) Shurwayne Winchester-Tobago love
Track 23: (Island mas riddim) General degree-Fire in the party
Track 24: (Island mas riddim) Teri Lyons-Carry on
Track 25: (Island mas riddim) Blaxx-No getaway
Track 26: (Island mas riddim) Allison Hinds-gyal want more iron
Track 27: (Island mas riddim) Edwin Yearwood-Pushing it
Track 28: (Island mas riddim) Fayann Lyons-We doing dis owah
Track 29: (Full throttle riddim) Jus10 Ward-Work it
Track 30: (Full throttle riddim) Inches-Wuk up
Track 31: (Full throttle riddim) Destra Garcia-Handle the riddim
Track 32: (Full throttle riddim) Bunji Garlin-None like this
Track 33: (Full throttle riddim) Allison Hinds & Mr. Dale-Maddest ting
Track 34: (Full throttle riddim) Swappi-Party vibes
Track 35: (D Gaping riddim) Rita Jone-Cyah tie me down
Track 36: (D Gaping riddim) Ricochae-Stamina
Track 37: (D Gaping riddim) Kimba Sorzano-Undercover lover
Track 38: (D Gaping riddim) Ace Major-Step out
Track 39: (D Gaping riddim) Blaxx-no sah
Track 40: (D Gaping riddim) Patrice Roberts-Hold him
Track 41: Zuki & Tim Tim-Doh beat that
Track 42: (About time riddim) Ragga-Whine for your country (Roadmix)
Track 43: Patrice Roberts-Ah little wine (Bad company remix)
Track 44: Kerwin Du Bois-Fete of the year
Track 45: Machel Montano-She Ready
Track 46: Zan-Shake de ground
Track 47: Patrice Roberts-Gimme it
Track 48: Prophet Benjamin-Another one
Track 49: Allrounder-Go Down
Track 50: Shadow-Lets dance
Track 51: Shadow-Doh mix meh up
Track 52: Cassie-Bam Bam
Track 53: Farmer Nappy-Minglin
Track 54: K. Rich-Wine back
Track 55: Kes the band-Come for dat
Track 56: Ronnie Mcintosh-Born to party
Track 57: T. Rock-Hit & run
Track 58: Rocky-Body slammin
Track 59: Patch-Xbox
Track 60: Chucky-I never wine
Track 61: PSY-Gangnam style (restricited zone soca remix)
Track 62: Onyan & The Burning Flames-Kick in she back door

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