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DJ Stylez From Gemstone Int’l Sound – Soca Generator V3

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DJ Stylez From Gemstone Int’l Sound – Soca Generator V3 by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DJ Stylez From Gemstone Int’l Sound – Soca Generator V3”

01 Party Shot (Soca Remix)
02 Party Shot (Soca Overproof Remix)
03 Soca Overproof Riddim
04 Wine On It (Soca Overproof Riddim)
05 Let’s Go (Soca Overproof Riddim)
06 Caribbean Girl (Soca Overproof Riddim)
07 Settle Down (Soca Overproof Riddim)
08 Settle Down (Soca Overproof Fantasy Riddim)
09 Hot Patty (Tekk On Soca Remix)
10 Tic – Toc (Tekk On Soca Remix)
11 Badman Sittin’ (Tekk On Soca Remix)
12 Badman Sittin’ (Tekk On Fantasy Soca Remix)
13 My Fantasy Riddim
14 Man Does Come Man Does Go
15 My Fantasy
16 Work It
17 Crash (Remix)
18 Control Meh
19 They Cyar Stop We
20 Calling Me
21 Calling Me (Waves Riddim)
22 Goody Goody (Waves Riddim)
23 Coming Over (Waves Riddim)
24 Ready To Party
25 Jiggle It
26 Nah Wuk
27 Keep On Wukking (Roadmix)
28 Take Off Your Clothes (Roadmix)
29 Wuk It Up
30 Tun Up
31 Wine
32 De Wuk
33 Whoa Gyal Whine
34 Wuk That Thing
35 I Am Soca
36 Half Ah Man
37 Property
38 Leech
39 Leech (Surrender Remix)
40 Surrender
41 Winin’ Away (Roadmix)
42 Hard Pong
43 Freak
44 Gift Of Soca
45 The Peoples Champion
46 Bottle Of Rum
47 Tune Up
48 Touch It
49 Runaway (Roadmix)
50 You Make Me (Roadmix)
51 Action (Roadmix)
52 Baddist
53 De Baddist Vs. Last Call
54 Last Call
55 Single Forever (Remix)
56 Single Forever (GSI Remix)
57 On The Avenue (Roadmix)
58 Garlic Sauce
59 True Story
60 Ketchin’ It
61 Ketchin’ It (Antilles Riddim)
62 Antilles Riddim
63 Vibes Cyan Done
64 Shiver
65 Bacchanalist (Roadmix)
66 Right Now (Roadmix)
67 Drunk Like So
68 Rave Out
69 Trouble
70 Hold Meh (GSI Remix)
71 Push It (Roadmix)
72 So & So
73 Leh We Wuk (Behind The Truck)
74 Leh We Wuk (Behind The Truck) (Maserati Riddim)
75 In Charge (Roadmix)
76 We Time (Roadmix)
77 Wine For Meh
78 Wine For Meh (Mr Fete Mix)
79 Toxic Wine Down (GSI Remix)
80 A Little Wine (Soca Refix) *NEW*
81 A Little Wine (Mr Fete Remix) *NEW*
82 Mr Fete (Fete All Day Remix)
83 Nuff Wine (Roadmix)
84 Doh Fraid
85 Doh Fraid (Cah Stop Remix)
86 Cah Stop (Roadmix)
87 Head Bad
88 Head Bad (Roadmix)
89 Head Bad (GSI Roadmix)
90 Come Play A Mas (Roadmix)
91 Type Ah Wine (Roadmix)

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