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Dj Lantern MD – Soca Exposure 2017

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Tracklist for “Dj Lantern MD – Soca Exposure 2017”

Kes The Band – Incredible
Orlando Octave – Single
GBM Nutron – Bacchanal
Machel Montano – Wake Up (V13 Riddim)
Nadia Batson – Purpose (V13 Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous – We Dey (V13 Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous – Watch Thing
Ricardo Drue – I.D. [SMJ] (Way Up Project)
Skinny Fabulous – Pompous (Way Up Project)
Lil Rick – Way Up (Way Up Project)
Lyrikal – Jammin Sake
Ultimate Rejects Ft. Kerwin Du Bois – Life Good
Ultimate Rejects – Full Extreme
Kerwin DuBois & Skinny Fabulous – Deaf
Erphaan Alves – Doh Hold It Back (Sunblast Riddim)
5 Star Akil – Go Go Dancer (Sunblast Riddim)
Preedy – Heat In Di Place (Sunblast Riddim)
Sekon Sta – Party Every Weekend (Sunblast Riddim)
Ricardo Drue & Rupee – No Name
Peter Ram – Trinidad Good Morning (SMJ)
Ricardo Drue ft. King Bubba FM – Rum Again (Hand Grenade Riddim)
King Bubba FM – Unstoppable (Hand Grenade Riddim)
Fadda Fox – Dirty Habits (Hand Grenade Riddim)
Kes The Band & Nailah Blackman – Work Out
Bunji Garlin – Road Bunx
Salty & Travis World – Free Up Yuhself
Olatunji – Tun Fo Meh
Ricky T & Eempey Slicker – Freaky Girls
Swappi – Ana
Hypasounds – Bam Bam Back
Lil Rick – Get Thru (BS Intro)
Motto ft. Problem Child & Mr Legz – Bend Dong
Olatunji – Bazu
Motto Ft Lavaman, Hypa 4000 – Force It (Force It Riddim)
Marzville & Problem Child – Toc Tic (Force It Riddim)
Patrice Roberts – All Is One (Force It Riddim)
Shal Marshall – Dip (Force It Riddim)
Lavaman – Cukus Bag (Pozee Riddim)
Uncle Ellis – I Doh Mind (Pozee Riddim)
Kes The Band – Wine Up
GBM Nutron – Calypso
Rupee & Black Shadow – Tipsy (Happy Days Riddim)
Skinnt Fabulous – When The Lights Go Down (Happy Days Riddim)
Voice Ft. Bad Royale – Get Away
Timay – Bang Bang
Linky First – Rock and Come in
Olatunji – Midnight Cruise
Machel Montano – Fast Time
GBM Nutron – Rock You Out (Lip Service Riddim)
K Rich – Feels Live Love (Lip Service Riddim)
Preedy – On The Low (Lip Service Riddim)
Machel Montano – Lip Service (Lip Service Riddim)
Erphaan Alves – Cyah Wait
Hypsounds – Get Up And Move
GBM Nutron – Only Good Vibes (Vicey Riddim)
Shal Marshall – Famous (Vicey Riddim)
Bunji Garlin – Big Bad Soca
Kes The Band & Kernal Roberts – Shake
Ricardo Drue – Iron
Destra – Closer
Kerwin Du Bois & Teddyson John – New Day
Salty & Preedy Ft. Mega Mick – Bend Back
Sekon Sta Ft. Prince Pronto & Mega Mick – Jump Out
Konshens & Lyrikal – Elevate
Zuki & Tim Tim – To The Point (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Destra – Waistline Killer (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Blaxx – Ranking Ting
Farmer Nappy & Destra – Technically
Farmer Nappy – Abundance
Marvay – Know The Face
Tarrus Riley – Who Am I To You
Patrice Roberts – Big Girl Now
Kerry John – Drink King
King Bubba FM – Calling In Sick (CP Intro)
One Voice – Dutty Behaviour (Breaking Dawn Riddim)
Marcus – Good Morning (Breaking Dawn Riddim)
Lyrikal – Picture Perfect (Breaking Dawn Riddim)
Angela Hunte – Make Me Go
Marzville ft Dj Puffy – Bang Bim (Remix) (One O'Clock Riddim)
Stiffy – Tek Off Something (One O'Clock Riddim)
5 Star Akil – Hero
5 Star Akil – Find Yuh Way
Farmer Nappy – Miss Me Wid Dat (W.I. Riddim)
Marvay – Tomorrow (W.I. Riddim)
Preedy – When I Gone (Vibration Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois – VIP (Vibration Riddim)
Marvay – Vibrate (Vibration Riddim)
Kes The Band – How We Like It (Vibration Riddim)
Voice – Outside (Vibration Riddim)
Bad Royale feat. Hashim The Dream – No Behaviour
Kerwin Du Bois – Misfits
Shal Marshall – Middle
Voice & Kerwin Du Bois – We Doh Play
Sekon Sta – Kings & Queens
Kerwin Du Bois – Dis Iz D Band

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