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DJ JEL PRESENTS – 2015 CROP OVER CHARGE by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DJ JEL PRESENTS – 2015 CROP OVER CHARGE “

All Ah We- Peter Ram
Fettin Mode- Sanctuary
Mash Up- King Bubba FM
Whole Night- King Bubba FM
For All Ah Dem- Problem Child
Money Done- Patrice Roberts
Celebrate- Mr. Dale
When Tomorrow Come- Don Trent
Sugar Rush- Hypasounds
Freedom- Mikey & Monstapiece
Some Things Never Change- Mikey
Nobody- Lyrikal
My Island- Biggie Irie
Wuk- Preedy/FaddaFox
Tequila- Nikita & King Bubba
Fire Meh- Imani
My House- Farmer Nappy
Survive The Weekend- Marvay
How She Like It- Hypasounds
Carnival Child- LeadPipe & Saddis
Soca Soldier- Coco & Hollabak
Hello- Shanta Prince
Firedancer (Puffy) – I-Octane & T-Smallz
Hit After Hit- Platta & Lil Rick
Non Stop- D.P.
Dah Wuh Um Is- Salt
Bus Crawl- Stiffy & Jagwa
Or Nah- Level Vibes
Down Pon It- Level Vibes
Balance Pun It- Stiffy
Superior- SALT
Dah Ain Bad- Porgie & Murda
How Yuh Want It- King Bubba
Don’t Mind Dem- Scrilla
Tornado- Verseewild
Plenty- Skinny Fabulous
Boom Boom Jump- Puffy & Lil Rick
Vibe Capture Me- Verseewild
I Pumpin- Yanick Hooper/Kubiyashi
Own Day- Cooper Dan
Wid You (DJ JEL DUB)- Statement
You’re My Number One- Kirk Brown
Hold You- Saddis
True Colours- Yannick Hooper
Professional- Ricardo Drue
Sweet Type of Way- Biggie IRie
On De Low- Patrice Roberts
Gym Instructor- Arturo Tappin/Lil Rick
Spontaneous- Red Plastic Bag
Life Support- Shaquille
All Inclusive- Ian Webster
We Time Ah Year- Scrilla
Make People Jump- King Bubba
Rum King- Platta & King Bubba FM
All Is Rum- Platta & Lil Rick
Put We Out- Sekon Sta
It’s the Weekend- Skinny
The Last One- Lead Pipe & Saddis
Animal- Big Red The DJ
No Behavior- Cloud 5
Dutty Dancing- Hypa 4000
We Bizness- Lil Rick
Hands On De Road- Puffy & Mikey
Mash Up International- Travis World & Skinny Fabulous
Wet- Imani
Soca Format- Porgie N Murda
Fly- Leadpipe/Saddis
Fettin Problemz- Fadda Fox
No Authority- Dwaingerous & Lil Rick
Where Yuh Mudda Get Yuh From- Yannick Hooper

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