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DJ JEL PRESENTS – 2014 SUMMER SOCA MIX by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DJ JEL PRESENTS – 2014 SUMMER SOCA MIX”

Ducking- Fadda Fox (Barbados)
True Masquerader (Jester Mix)- Kes The Band (Trinidad)
She Coming- Machel Montano (Trinidad)
Spoil Mehself (Travis)- Kerwin Du Bois (Trinidad)
Stush (DJ Puffy)- Shanta Prince (Barbados)
Mega Monday- Sanctuary (Barbados)
Cause Commotion- Jamesy P (St. Vincent)
Break Away- Sir Lancealot (St. Lucia)
Cyah Miss It- Tian Winter (Antigua)
Hard Wine- Tian Winter & Shanta Prince (Antigua)
Benup- Porgie & Murda (Barbados)
Dutti- Hypasounds (Barbados)
Dutti (Gomez Mix)- Hypasounds
Bacchanal Road- Imani (Barbados)
Bacchanal Road (Road)- Imani
To Meh Heart- 5 Star Akil (Trinidad)
Born To Win- Problem & Patrice (St. Vincent)
A Stiff Drink- Problem Child (St. Vincent)
Soca Man!- Fryktion (St. Vincent)
Just Wanna Jam- Kes The Band (Trinidad)
Doh Tell Me No- Wildfire (Trinidad)
Put In That Work- Sekon Sta (Trinidad)
Anywhere We Step- Skinny Fabolous (St. Vincent)
Push On It- Patrice Roberts (Trinidad)
We Nah Change- Lavaman (Grenada)
Baddness- Blaxx (Trinidad)
Great Day- Lil Rick (Barbados)
Come Out To Win (Puffy Mix)- King Bubba FM
Meh Woman- Gorg (Barbados)
Meh Woman- Gorg & Denise Belfon (Barbados)
Stage Show- Lil Rick (Barbados)
Bumper Swag- Sekon Sta (Barbados)
Partyak- King Bubba FM, Kerwin Du Bois, Jah Cure, Lil Rick
Ah Feeling- Lead Pipe & Saddis (Barbados)
Show Me Badness- Cherrish (Barbados)
Ah Feeling (Jazz Mix)- Lead Pipe & Saddis, Arturo Tappin
Doh Tell Me Ah Feeling (Gomez)- Flipo (Trinidad)
Flawless- Lil Rick (Barbados)
Shella- RDX (Barbados)
Pon De Nine- Patrice Roberts (Trinidad)
Soak It Good- Skinny Banton (Grenada)
RED BUTTON- Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent)
Flatten- Skinny Fabolous (St. Vincent)
Rough it Up- Machel Montano (Trinidad)
Mad Party- DYP (St. Lucia)
Launch Di Rocket- Sir Lancealot (St. Lucia)
Wildness- Boyzie & Nadia Batson (Grenada)
Strong Rum & Beers- Lavaman (Grenada)
No Mercy- Luni Sparks & Electrify (Grenada)
unRULY- Fireman Hooper (St. Vincent)
Mental Home- Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent)
Doh Hold Meh- Fay Ann Lyons (Trinidad)
No Discipline- Problem Child (St. Vincent)
Doh Mash It Up- Tamisha (St. Vincent)
Ministry Of Road- Machel Montano (Barbados)
(((BASS)))- Young Voice (Trinidad)
Rum Meeting- Fireman Hooper (St. Vincent)
Pankatang- Biggie Irie (Barbados)
Done D Place- Shal Marshall (Trinidad)
U & I- Lil Rick (Barbados)
Send Woman- Bunji Garlin (Trinidad)

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