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Tracklist for “DJ Jel – 2017 VINCY SOCA SAMPLER

Ras Jomo – Where We Come From
Dynamite – Brave
Mad King – Water Gun
Mason – Sausage
ROYALL – Machine
Skinny Banton – Jouvert Jam
Lavaman – One Love One Heart
Hance – It’s My Time (How I Feel)
Kaviedes feat. Fireman Hooper – All Day
Wetty-Beatz – W.I.G
L Pank – Fete After Fete
Naphtali – Rum Man
Mason – Different
Skinny Fabulous – Good People
Ozarie & Flanka – Cat In Me Yard
TwiXx – Afrikaan Bumper
Jae Kali – Whine Up (Dip)
Ke Ke – Ma Maylay
Dymez & Da Pixel – Issue
Skarpyon – Stay Home Wine
PrimeTime – Climax
Stamina Smurf – Happiness
Nicki D Diva – Gimme
SandMan – Wink Eye
Keith Currency – Doh Come Around
Problem Child – Go Tell Yuh Mudda
Skinny Fabulous – No Broughtupsy
Krome Doba – The Mother Cat
Luta – Pothole
Fya Empress – Batty Batty
Hypa 4000 – Reverse It (Press Gas)
Motto – Guttah
Problem Child – Stand Up Doh Fit Yuh
Naphtali – Lil Piece
Naphtali X Lavaman – We Jabbing
Flanka – Whole Hog
Hypa 4000 – We Doh Play
Hypa 4000 – Rhythm Section
Splendid – Head Done Bad
Grabba Finesse – Madness
L Pank – Mad Power
Royall – Upfull
Lavaman – Ah Doh Know
Lil Natty & Thunda – Dash It
Problem Child – Leg Up Deh
Rus T – Frontyard
Rus-T – Roll It
Lectrick – Mash Up Town
Lectrick – Wete Fete
Royall – Acrobatic
Mad King – The Punisher (Beast Mode)
Supa Dogg Pitbull – Bop Pon It
Wyz Skid – Level That (Rebellious)
Blama – The Keido
Flanka – Wah Man Do Yuh
Tha Fugative – We ah Vincy
Dymez X daPixel – All ah Dem
Tuffa – Iron Dog
Naphtali – Outta order
Jae Kali – Crash Into It
Skinny Fabulous – Brutal
Skinny Fabulous – Call 911 (Burn)
Lavaman – Bi Polar
Hance – Jab
Dymez n Da Pixel – Down In It
Patrice Roberts – All Of It
Problem Child – For Forever
Ozarie – Sweat Out
WYZ SKID – Irregular
Shaunelle McKenzie & Firstlady – Squatters
King Bubba FM – Drunk Day
Lavaman – Point You Out
Hypa 4000 – Cook That Pot

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