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Dj Floops – Chutney Waistbreakers January 2013

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Dj Floops – Chutney Waistbreakers January 2013 by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “Dj Floops – Chutney Waistbreakers January 2013”

Danaday Narine – Picka Chook Me
Sonny Man – Lotay La
Husband have a fowlcock
Doctor Sampath
Davenand Gatoo – Payalia
Aye Harry Boy
Heeralal Rampartap – Chutney Posse
Neshan Prabhoo – Mr Shankar
Anand Yankarran – Mouise Mashup
Neshan Prabhoo – Doh hold meh back
Cat lick D butter
chutney 2007-gear lever
Sam Boodram – pinky darlin
Rikki Jai – Mor Tor.mp3
Divya feat. Oneil Bhajman – Finest Rum
Chris Garcia – Chutney Bachanal
Rasika Dindial – Maticoor Night.mp3
Vedesh Sookoo – Dhal belly indian.mp3
Sam boodram – lalana
Boodram Holass – Hard Godie Gamunar
Heeralal Rampartap – Run for meh life.mp3
Cecil Funrose – Khirk na Din.mp3
Spread Pal Crew – Cut the grass
Hemalatha Dindial – Kaan Pera

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