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DJ Del – Soca Anthems 2016

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DJ Del – Soca Anthems 2016 by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DJ Del – Soca Anthems 2016”

M1 – Trouble (When De Sun Rise)
Salty ft Tron & Brass – Girl Meets Brass (Start It)
Orlando Octave – Road
Blaxx – Master Of Mas
Kevin – Drunken Master
Nutron – Wine Up On U
Pternsky – Non Stop
Sekon Sta – Night Shift
Destra – Dip and Ride
Sekon Sta – Night Shift
Preedy – Walk Out
Bunji Gariln – Feels Like an Earthquake
Bunji Garlin – Take Over Town
Kes – People
Sekon Sta – Pressure
Preedy – Turn Up
5Star Akil – TuhNight
Olatunji Yearwood – Seasonally
Shradah – Doh Hold Meh Back
Olatunji – With Meh
M1 – Action
Skinny Fabulous – Full Hundred (All De Way)
Machel Montano – Human [Ti Punch Riddim]
Angela Hunte – Mon Bon Ami (Ti Punch Riddim)
Machel Montano – Machel Montano – I Need it
Jaiga TC – Anyway
Teddyson John – Allez
Erphaan Alves – Intentions (Wine & Touch)
Ricardo Drue – Professional
Preedy – Veteran
Erphaan Alves – Baddest Team
Sekon Sta – Certified (Your Body)
Nutron – Scene
GBM Nutron & Fay-Ann Lyons – Scene Remix
Third Bass – Bum Bum
Peter Ram – All Ah We
Hypa 4000 – Too Hard
King Bubba FM – Rum King (Ah Just Start)
Lil Rick – All Is Rum
Lead Pipe & Saddis – The Last One
Sekon Sta – Put We Out
Kerwin Du Bois – Unforgettable ft. Patrice Roberts
Voice – Cheers To Life
Big Red ft. Melo, KC & Scout – No Behavior (Whole Place Shelldown)
College Boy Jesse – THUNDER ROLL (DJ DEL)
Olatunji – Bang Bang
Swappi – Center
Kes & Lyrical – Unlimited Vibes
Aaron Duncan – Can You Feel It
Machel Montano – Road Trip
Hypasounds – Sugar Rush
Lyrikal – Dip & Roll
Machel Montano – Temperature
Angela Hunte & Machel Montano – Like So
Shurwayne Winchester – Truck Driver (Razorshop Roadmix)
S. Carter – Hit Meh
Lil Rick – Boom Boom Jump
Skinny Fabulous – Plenty
Shal Marshall – Party
Flipo – Oh Gosh
King Bubba FM – Mashup (When Ah Touchdown)
Olatunji – Oh Yay
Lyrikal – Freedom-MAIN
Sekon Sta & Nadia Batson – Magic
5Star Akil – Different Me
Farmer Nappy – BamBilamBamBilamBilamBam
Hypasounds – How She Like It
Nadia Batson – Secrets
5Star Akil – Wifey Material
Farmer Nappy – Rental
Patrice Roberts – Money Done
Shradah – Inferno
Lil Bitts – Work
Ricardo Drue – Bet
KI – Same Gyal Twice

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