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Stingray 45 Disco – Uk Fever Vol 1

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Mikey Spice – Victim (Victim/Stingray)
Lymie Murray – Lonely Emotions (Victim/Stingray)
Marcia Griffiths – Bus Dem Shut (Victim/Stingray)
Donna Marie – Pull Up Selector (Complete/Stingray)
Peter Hunnigale – Empty Arms (Complete/Stingray)
Peter Spence – My Hope Is Built (Complete/Stingray)
Mighty Diamonds – Nice & Slow (Laba Laba/Stingray)
Al Campbell – Bring It Back (Laba Laba/Stingray)
Dennis Brown – I Dont Wanna Lose Your Love (Laba Laba/Stingray)
Dennis Brown – You Got The Best Of Me (A Fool/Stingray)
Akabu – Stay Cool (A Fool/Stingray)
Frankie Paul – Hurry On Back (A Fool/Stingray)
Jimmy Riley – Fool For Love (A Fool/Lucky Dragon)
Wally Rich – Sound Fool (A Fool/Lucky Dragon)
Anthony & Tiffanie Malvo – Gimme Ganja (A Fool/Lucky Dragon)
Barrington Turner – Stingray Ladies Special RMX (Missing You/Cousins)
Al Campbell – Two Timer (Missing You/Cousins)
Richie Davis – Brighter Days (Missing You/Cousins)
Freddie McGregor – Love Makes The World Go Round (Missing You/Cousins)
Peter Hunnigale – Shakin Wont Stop (Missing You/Cousins)
Ambelique – Missing You (Missing You/Cousins)
Ambelique – My Sunshine (Love Is Private/Cousins)
Matic Horns – Matic Horns (Love Is Private/Cousins)
Al Campbell – The Word Is Love (Love Is Private/Cousins)
Freddie McGregor – Time Is Slippin Away (Love Is Private/Cousins)
Gregory Isaacs – I Will Return (Sentimental Reason/Charm)
Archie Wonder – If You Want Me (Sentimental Reason/Charm)
Lloyd Brown – Let It Be Me (Sentimental Reason/Charm)
The Blackstones – Sentimental Reason (Sentimental Reason/Charm)
Peter Spence – How To Love (Pretty Blue Eyes/Gadd59)
Lloyd Brown – I’m Sorry (Pretty Blue Eyes/Gadd59)
Derrick Morgan – Pretty Blue Eyes (Pretty Blue Eyes)
Lloyd Brown – Love Tip (Live & Learn/Peckings)
Peter Hunnigale & John McLean – Game Of Love (Live & Learn/Peckings)
Peter Hunnigale – Midnight Love (River Jordan/Charm)
Al Campbell – Love Is Here To Stay (River Jordan/Charm)
Ambelique – Enough Is Enough (River Jordan/Charm)
Delroy Wilson – Dancing Mood (Dancing Mood/Cousins)
Ambelique – Chitty Chitty Chat Chat (Dancing Mood/Cousins)
Ambelique – Tease Me (Pretty Looks/Mafia & Fluxy)
Mike Anthony – Second To None (Pretty Looks/Mafia & Fluxy)
Richie Davis – Candle Light (Pretty Looks/Mafia & Fluxy)
Cornell Campbell – Pretty Looks (Pretty Looks/Mafia & Fluxy)

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