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Ruan Legend – Best of Buju Banton (Dancehall Session)

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Ruan Legend – Best of Buju Banton (Dancehall Session) by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “Best of Buju Banton (Dancehall Session)”

1. Watch How U Flex w Ini Kamozi
2. Boom Bye Bye
3. A So w Tony Rebel
4. The Grudge
5. Love You To The Max
6. Love Me Browning
7. Love Black Woman
8. Buju Moving
9. Move Your Body
10. Good Body
11. If Loving Was A Crime
12. Woman No Fret
13. Lonely Lonely w Wayne Wonder
14. Sensimilla Persecution
15. Legalize It
16. Marathon
17. Operation Ardent
18. No Respect
19. Willy (Don’t Be Silly)
20. Hooked On The Love
21. Bonafied Love (Live) w Wayne Wonder
22. Stamina Daddy
23. Only Man
24. Mass Murderer
25. Man Ah Look You
26. Champion
27. Vigilante (Showtime Remix)
28. Wicked Dickie w Nadine Suntherland
29. No Second Class Love w Carol Gonzales
30. Love How Young Gal Flex
31. Deportees (Things Change)
32. It’s All Over
33. Hotness w Heavy D
34. Look How You Sweet
35. Up Close & Personal
36. Gold Spoon
37. Batty Rider
38. Make My Day (Remix)
39. Have To Get You Tonight
40. Red Rose
41. Big It Up
42. Mine Behind The Wine

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