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DussOva aka 220 sound – “Bogle Mania” 100% early 90s dancehall

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DussOva aka 220 sound – “Bogle Mania” 100% early 90s dancehall by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DussOva aka 220 sound – “Bogle Mania” 100% early 90s dancehall”

01-Pan head “gun man tune”
02-Chaka demus “bad chaka”
03- turbo belly “Hotter than the battle”
04-Beenie Man “tata fool”
05-Bounty Killer “if a war”
06-Daddy Lizard “Kill Bow Cat”
07-Silvie Wonder “Bombya”
08-Apachie Cratchie “Shuffle & deal”
09-Chaka demus “workie workie”
10-Mad Cobra “yush”
11-Daddy Lilly “body body”
12-El General “te ves buena”
13-Nardo Ranking “pin pin lin pin pin”
14-Shabba Ranks “gal yuh good”
15- Tony Rebel “gun ammunition”
16-Cutty Ranks “Leave poeple man”
17-Terry Ganzie “who so ever”
18-Buju Banton & Nadine Sutherland “wickie dickie”
19-Simpleton “coca cola shape”
20-Penny Irie “hood in a hole”
21- Joseph stepper “Wife”
22-Sacha “kill dat bitch”
23-Mad cobra “no shot no talk”
24- Shabba Ranks “ting a ling”
25- Dirtsman “hot dis year”
26- Red fox & streechie dan “pose off”
27-Frankie paul “day o”
28-Clement irie “come a mi”
29- Shaggy & rayvon “mapple”
30-chaka demus “special request”
31- Nardo Ranks “them a bleach”
32- Cutty Ranks “6 million ways to die”
33- Chaka Demus & Pliers “murder she wrote”
34- Pan Head “punny printer”
35- Junior cat “tog dog”
36- Major Mackerel “hot”
37- Capleton “alms house”
38- Squidly Ranks “ugly gal”
39- capleton “granny”
40- christospher peck “poco jam”
41- Bunny General “no boom boom”
42- Reggie stepper “little miss”
43- Cutty Ranks “retreat”
44- Shabba Ranks “trailer load a gal”
45- Top Cat “galls”
46- Tenor fly “pose up”
47-Poison Chain “ram the puny”
48- General Levy “the wig”
49- Risto Benji “passeport buddy”
50- general T “original gun ark”
51- beenie man “agony body”
52- little leny “gun in a baggy”
53- Terror Fabolous “sit down”
54- terry ganzie “please man”
55- terry ganze “woman a class”
56-mad cobra “mattie a rebel”
57-Capleton “prophet”
58- Buju Banton “Battyrider”
59- Buju banton “gold spoon”
60- Baja bedd & screechie dan “big bills”
61- Screechie dan “skin out”
62- red fox ” you a lead”
63-Shaggy & rayon “big up”
64- Shabba ranks “dem bow”
65- spragga benz “dem flap”
66- supa cat “old veteran”
67- Terror Fabolous & maxi priest “dreaming”
68- Capleton “good love”
69- Capleton “everybody”
70- Buju Banton “big it up”
71- Mad Cobra “Ram It”
72- Capleton “stampede”
73- Buju baton “bogle dance”

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