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DJ Wieyne – Time Travel

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DJ Wieyne – Time Travel by Themixfeed.Com on Mixcloud

Tracklist for “DJ Wieyne – Time Travel”

Intro Chrissy (DJ Wieyne intro) 00:00:15
Skettel Concerto Buccaneer 00:00:43
Sup Hype Intro Supa Hype 00:01:56
Sellasie Send Dem Beenie Man 00:01:46
Girls Dem Sugar Beenie Man 00:02:13
Romie Beenie man 00:02:13
Caan Dun Shabba Ranks 00:02:16
Position Terror Fabulous 00:01:37
Stamina Daddy Buju Banton 00:02:03
Passport Buddy Risto Benjie 00:02:16
Dicky Nadine Sutherland & Buju Banton 00:02:51
Action Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland 00:01:55
Mr Do It Nice General Degree 00:02:01
When Tiger 00:01:37
Oh Donna Singing Sweet 00:01:43
When I see You Smile Singing Sweet 00:01:12
Coco Cola Bottle Shape Simpleton 00:01:20
Stone Powerman 00:01:42
Mama Baby Wayne 00:02:21
Bam Bam Pliers 00:02:04
Murder She Wrote Chaka Demus & Pliers 00:01:50
Bam Bam Pliers 00:01:23
Dem A Bleach Nardo Ranks 00:01:30
Beenie Man & Bounty Killer(Bam Bam Riddim) Beenie Man & Bounty Killer 00:01:33
Dancehall Queen Beenie Man featuring Chevelle Franklyn 00:02:16
World Dance Beenie Man 00:01:34
Two Fowl a mi Yard Silver Cat 00:01:35
Ganga Lee Louie Culture 00:02:04
Real Thing Tony Curtis & Jigsy King 00:02:57
Heartbreaker Daddy Screw & Maxi Priest 00:00:25
Wifey Dugsy Ranks 00:01:23
Things a Gwaan You a Gold Spragga Benz 00:01:25
Excess Amount of Loving Don Yute n Wayne Wonder 00:01:29
Ockra and Snapper Daddy Screw 00:02:19
You Nuh kotch Terror Fabulous 00:03:15
Number 2 Terror Fabulous 00:02:50
Profile Monster Shack Crew 00:01:08
Nicky General B 00:01:13
Debbie’s Cat Mega Plough 00:01:18
Dont Get Weary Louie Culture 00:01:33
Big Up & Trust Beenie Man 00:01:15
Can’t Do Da Wok Lady Saw 00:01:24
Ramacon Frisco Kid 00:02:04
Tear Off Mi Garment Beenie Man 00:02:23
God Alone Little Hero, Merciless & Action Fire 00:01:37
Bogle Buju Banton 00:01:15
Big it Up Buju Banton 00:01:12
Everybody Capelton 00:01:56
Bumbo Red Capleton 00:02:03
Walk Bout Capleton 00:01:38
Batty Rider Buju Banton 00:01:32
Dorothy Terror Fabulous 00:01:48
Peanut Punch Fabby Dolly 00:01:17
Quarter to Twelve Simpleton 00:01:15
Call The Hearse Bushman 00:00:55
WHEN I HOLD U TONITE General degree 00:01:49
Dream Land Wayne Wonder ft Frisco Kid 00:00:47
Girls Anthem Rude Boy Kelly 00:01:32
Old Dog Beenie Man 00:00:58
The Mass Baby Cham 00:00:48
Heartbreaker Daddy Screw & Maxi Priest 00:01:17
No Ride Terror Fabulous 00:01:30
Wackie News Frisco Kid 00:00:44
Old Before Young Louie Culture 00:01:36
Car Crash Spragga Benz 00:02:07
Ninja Bike (No Long Talking) Lady Saw 00:01:08
The Girl I See Beenie Man 00:00:40
Damsel Ship Beenie Man 00:01:41
More Wood Baby Cham 00:02:13
Tink We Nice Frisco Kid 00:01:59
Dugu Dugu Stranger 00:02:08
Glamour Girl Wayne Wonder 00:02:05
Many Many Baby Cham 00:01:32
Bull Ina Pen Richie Stephens 00:01:40
Worthless Bwoy Bounty Killer 00:01:31
Dolly House Spragga Benz 00:01:31
We Nuh Like Spragga Benz 00:01:17
Hypocrite (Clean) Beenie Man 00:01:08
Slurp Dave Kelly 00:00:48
Eagle And Di Hawk (Clean) Bounty Killer 00:00:54
Rain Again Mr. Easy 00:01:12
Gal Pon De Side Frisco Kid 00:01:09
Gal Splurt Mad Cobra 00:01:14
Nah Stop Low Goofy ft Chico 00:00:52
Murder Mr. Easy 00:01:10
Infomer Wayne Wonder 00:01:26
Caan Believe Mi Eyes (Clean) Bounty Killer 00:01:55
Book Book Book Bounty Killer 00:01:50
More Gal Bounty Killer 00:02:04
Coppershot Bounty Killer 00:01:30
Christmas Once A Year Beenie Man 00:00:54
Suspense Bounty Killa 00:01:48
Memories Beenie Man 00:02:27
Alkaline Voicemail efx Alkaline 00:01:10

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