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Weekly Mix Picks – May 1st 2012

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Yep, it’s been a long time since we’ve done our weekly picks. We slacked. But, we’re back and we’re going to try and keep it up this time. Promise.
So, if you’ve followed this site for a while, you’ll know we’re soca fans, so we HAD to start it off with a few new soca mixes. But not to worry, non soca fans, you might just love these mixes too!

Alonzo Horning – Bacchanology 2.0

House + Dance + Soca + Hiphop + Dubstep +…you get the idea. A ton of genres all blended together perfectly to give you a really awesome mix designed to get you moving. Whether you need some workout music or you need something to jam while sitting in your cubicle at work, this is sure to work!

Alonzo Horning – bacchanology 2.0 by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

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Vol 17 in a long running series continues the trend of excellent Soca mixes. Like other volumes in the series this one perfectly blends the best soca songs of the year with some of the best house, dance and pop songs. One might be wondering how can a DJ mix soca, house, and pop, well…trust us, DJ Crown Prince, Jester and the crew have done it, and they’ve done it flawlessly!

SUPA SOCA 17 [Crown Prince x Jester x Barrie Hype x Dr Jay] by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

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Precision Productions – Carnival TAO

If you follow Soca music (or even if you don’t) you’ll probably have heard of Precision productions. They’ve produced some of the best songs for the 2012 carnival season. Well, here’s a mix which captures the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from anything with the Precision Productions name on it. Definitely one of the best soca, no, mixes we’ve heard for the season so far!

Precision Productions Carnival TAO 2012 by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

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Diplo and Friends Ft. Lunice and Paul Devro

M.I.A, La Roux, Beyonce…what do they all have in common? They’ve all worked with Diplo from Major Lazer. Definitely one of today’s best producers/Djs, and now he has his own show on BBC 1 Xtra! Trust us when we say we will NOT be missing even 1 episode of his show! Check out this mix featuring Lunice and Paul Devro for a taste of what Diplo’s show delivers each week.

Diplo and Friends Ft. Lunice and Paul Devro by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

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The name pretty much says it all. One listen to this mix and you’ll understand why Jamaica has the reputation it does when it comes to Marijuana.

MIXTAPEYARDY GANJA ANTHEMS REGGAE MIX (4/20) by Themixfeed on Mixcloud

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There you have it. This week’s picks. Hope you enjoyed all of them…or at least some! See you next week!

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