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About The MIXfeed

Like music? Well we do too. Thats why we decided to start theMixFeed.com. We wanted to provide you the latest, best mixes of your favourite genres of music.

We know how frustrating it can be to have to scour the web for a cd and then you get taken to a site filled with ads, spyware, asking you to download all sorts of stuff all just so you can listen to a mixtape. Well that’s where theMixFeed comes in. We aim to make it as simple as 1, 2 ,3.

Check the site, find the mix you want, and start listening. SIMPLE!

Just a few things….

None of the mixes here are for sale! We don’t sell any music on this site at all. We just provide these mixes for you to listen to and download FOR PERSONAL USE. Not for you to download and resell. We encourage you to share the music with your friends…. But please, SHARE THE MUSIC, DON’T SELL THE MUSIC!

Also, we don’t own any of the music on this site. All the mixes you’ll find on this site are provided by the DJ’s for free online. The artist specific mixes are also provided by the artists themselves (or again the DJs) online. These mixes are intended for promotional purposes only. If you hear a song you like….Why not buy it?

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